About Us


We are a Ceilidh Band who love our Ceilidhs to swing. Hard.

Listen To Us

3-piece line-up: Fiddle, Guitar, Double Bass

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3-piece line-up: Fiddle, Keyboards, Drums

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5-piece line-up: Fiddle, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums

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The band line-up usually consists of between 3 an 5 players.  Not every gig that we do features all 5 of us however, the line-up on the night depends on many things: size of venue, size of sound required, size of budget, to name a few.

A Trio – 3 players – is all we need to swing; in fact we’ve even done a few gigs over the last wee while that have just been two of us. Contact Us to discuss what would work best for you.

Watch Us

A stripped back 3-piece line-up and Dave with no beard! These videos were taken at a Corporate Event on St Andrew’s Night a couple of years ago.

The Dashing White Sergeant: an old favourite – no Ceilidh complete without one!

Strip The Willow: the dance to separate the men from the boys!

The Cumberland Square Eight: this one comes with a health & safety warning! Only for the bold and the brave…

The Circassian Circle: a brilliant progressive dance for the beginning of the night. It really helps everyone in the room mix and get to know one another.