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More Things To Consider…

The Shoes

Chances are that your beautiful shoes for walking down the aisle in might not be the best for dancing the night away. But hey – good excuse for another pair of shoes! I’ve even seen Brides wear ‘Bridal Trainers’ for the dancing section of the day.

The Dress

Will you be able to enjoy dancing in it without too much trouble? Just something to consider. Some dresses don’t seem to come with the loop that enables them to be held up easily and I can’t imagine it’s that hard to add. Some Brides change out of their big dresses into a cocktail dress for the evening’s festivities. See? Good excuses for a new pair of shoes and a new dress!

First Dance – Don’t Stress!!

It’s a photo opportunity. Some people, especially guys, can get a little stressed about it, but so long as your guests can take a picture of the pair of you dancing your first dance together as a happy, smiling, married couple then you’veĀ  cracked it! If you’re planning to have the rest of the bridal party join you on the floor after a while, it usually falls to the best man to get everybody organised and ready to come on.


Everybody can join in a Waltz – regardless of age. There are two groups of people whose faces are usually a picture when they are dancing a Waltz with the Bride or Groom: Parents and Grandparents. If you’re lucky enough to have your Parents or Grandparents at your celebration, then a Waltz with you is usually a sure-fire way to make their day.

Other Music For Your Big Day

There are many ways to add more Music to your Big Day: String Quartets, Pipers, Harpists… the list goes on. If you want me to recommend anyone to you, just ask. (I’ve been playing since the age of eight, my Family are all Musicians, my Degree was in Music, I taught on the Degree course for four years after I graduated: I know a lot of Musicians!)

I hope that you’ve found these sections useful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions that are not covered here. (If you want to book the Band, again, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help you sort everything out.)